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I want this journal to be useful XD And because this is Livejournal, I'll tell you what was happened in 2016 of my life. Tho who's gonna read it anyway nyahahaha

( pardon my English ne ;) )

If 2015 is a depressing year, 2016 is a full-of-happiness year. Not that full tho, but many happy things happened during this year. I divide my story into 4 parts or in each trimester. Here we go!

January-March 2016

I restarted my thesis experiment after a lot of revision. I met and taught these annoying yet sweet students. It was the first time that I taught 7th graders. I didn't know how to handle them and I must learned their science subject. From what I heard from my friend, 7th graders are more cheerful and childish (transition phase from elementary school I guess). I taught them for 6 weeks, such a short time but I'm happy to meet them. After getting my data done, I was too lazy to analyze it XD In March (my bday month yay!) I could make a full-week Soundcloud birthday posts started from March 21th-27th! Tbh I didn't think that I could make it. You know that I'm sooooo lazy to edit my recorded files and upload them XD I laughed a lot in March. Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! I renewed my driving license this year and should be at police station at 05.30 XD

I kinda love that "Big Love and Thank You" phrase since Blast in Hawaii so I used it for those pics XD
Yeah I'm so mini I know it XD

April-June 2016

The hellish phase for my thesis: ANALYSIS AND MAKING EXPLANATION OF MY EXPERIMENT RESULTS. I felt so down and didn't think that I could finish it that semester. And yes, I should took a short course on holiday if I wanted to graduate this year. I was sick of my thesis and I wanted to get it done ASAP. But that laziness and inconfidence stroke me so hard. Thanks God my advisors were soooo understanding and I could finish it one by one. I got so many helping from my family and friends. And whenever the laziness came, I remember Sho's struggle to graduate from Keio. If he can do it, so can I right? Second, I remember my late friend who died before he could graduate. At least I wanna graduate and get my first degree before I die.

July-September 2016

LAST SPURT OF MY THESIS SAGA! And meeting my school friends! It was still Ramadhan month so we had a fast breaking in a restaurant. I missed them so much! Listening to their college stories made me feel motivated to finish my skripsh*t. God loves me so much and He knew my struggle to get it done. FINALLY I PRESENTED MY FULL THESIS TO MY ADVISORS AND EXAMINER WHOA! I've done my best and I'M UNOFFICIALY GRADUATED FROM MY ALMAMATER! August felt so fast. Working on my thesis revisions, chasing after my advisors, examiner, my major chief, and dean. Fyuuuhh so tired. And I made in time to legalize my graduation status GAAAAAHHHH YOKATTAAAA!!!!! Just in 17 days since I presented my thesis you know! That was the craziest moment in my life smh. The last thing to do was dealing with administration task for my graduation ceremony in October. Sho has a new drama SP in January YAAAAYYYY I MISS YOU NII-CHAN AND YOUR ACTING! I'm soooooooo excited to see his acting again. He will be a wheelchair basket athlete. Ugh I guess I'll cry a lot watching this drama.

October-December 2016

I'M OFFICIALY GRADUATEEEEEDDDD AS AN EDUCATIONAL BIOLOGY DEGREE! I never thought that I could make it, graduate this year. Moreover I graduated together with my best friend. Such a double strike. October 9th 2016 will be the historical date beside my birth date. I wore Indonesian national clothes at my graduation ceremony. Thanks a lot to God, my advisors, my examiner, the school that I used for my experiment, my parents, my sister, and my friends. My thesis would never be done without their helps. Once again, thank you so much. "Are You Happy?" was released! Thumbs up for Arashi, I like this album so much! My laptop crashed T.T She got several BSODs at startup time and that was annoying. I brought it to service center to repair but no use. The BSODs still appeared. Then I went to another service center. The technician said that my harddisk is slow to rotate. Then I realized that my laptop is going to be 7 years old in February. She's old and started to slowing down. The good news is I could upgrade my harddisk but yeah, that's pricey T.T Btw I got my first part-time job after graduated as a science private tutor for junior high. As expected, working based on your passion is fun! And I'm excited to teach again next semester. This December I had a big reunion for my elementary school classmates! They didn't change at all (except their height and weight XD) and still hilarious like before. It was tiring to arrange the event but I'm happy that I could meet my friends, ex-teachers, and ex-headmaster. Thanks for your support, guys! This December, like other Decembers, was full of Arashi magazine scans. I flailed at them almost everyday XD My phone memory will be full in no time hahaha. Only two weeks left before 2016 ends. I'll try to finish my pending projects before December ends. Btw my best friend and I planned to have a trip to Bogor, West Java, next year. We're still saving money now. I hope we really can go there next year.

Me (holding bouquet) and my best friend aka my partner in crime *evil laugh*
My head looks huge with that kind of hijab style. She called it "Octopus Head Style" XD

Overall I feel happier and braver this year. More vocal and crueler muahahahahaha. I guess I'm a yandere and have a villain trait in my blood *evil laugh*. I meet and talk with a lot of people this year, I learn a lot from them. Don't forget that I learn to ignore some of them XD I read a lot, esp fanfics huehehehehe. Not only ff you know, but also science, relationship, and parenting articles. And watched A LOT of cat and dog videos. I found out more about myself, too. That I tend to be a demiromantic, demisexual, and a social introvert. Step by step I build the "me". This year I finished my tertiary education. I hope this is not the last but tbh, school is tiring *hey you're a young teacher right? don't say that XD* But seriously, I like learning but not school. The system and people involved in it are sucks. I hope I can be a great teacher for my students and make Science and Biology subject easier to learn and understand. People always said that science is difficult. No! They just haven't found the way to learn it yet. Five years learning Biology gave me A LOT of experience and values about life. I hope 2017 will be a good year for me and you. And I hope I can keep on learning many things :D

P.S.: Just randomly read shoexchange sign-ups and found my favorite authors~ There's something to look forward in February ne fufufufufufu~ First shoexchange (super duper yay!) and can't wait to read ALL of them!
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