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What is Love?
Love is when....

  • Dad came to Mom’s parents house to ask for their blessing for their relationship years ago. Thirteen years gap didn’t matter for them. It was matter at first tho. But when God give His blessing, everything is possible.

  • Dad married Mom 23 years ago. They’re not rich but they did their best to keep their ship afloat. They don’t always give us, their children, everything we want. They make us understand the value of money, patience, and endurance.

  • Mom and Dad teach us to share, not because we have a lot but because we know how it feels when we don’t have anything. They teach us about helping others. Same reason: because we know how bad it feels when we’re helpless and hopeless.

  • (1) Dad was in panic because of a “your child got an accident” scam call on his phone. (2) Dad was in panic when I got a severe food poisoning in the midnight or when I was “lost” years ago. He’s cool and composed person, but his hidden protective side will emerge when his loved ones are in trouble. And Mom is always by his side, reassure and convince him that everything will be okay with her superb logical reasonings. Mom is Dad’s anchor.

  • We just sit and watch TV. Laugh together at the comedy shows, yell at soccer matches, amaze at God’s creation in documentary films.

  • Mom and Dad tickle each other. Or when Mom tries to bite my knee. And we just laugh it off.

  • Dad said,”I’ll pick her up. You can stay at home,” when Mom is gonna pick my sis or me up from school. Dad is Mom’s shield.

  • Dad helps Mom doing daily chores.

  • Mom learns to cook everyday to serve healthy dishes for us.

  • We are gardening on the weekend because we don’t really like to go out XD

  • “Dad, please fix my shoes”|“Yeah, it’s still okay tho. Use your other shoes instead”.

         “Dear, I think we need one more clothes hanger upstairs”.|*Dashes like a meteor, makes a new one immediately*

  • and many more.

Love is verb. Love and affection comes from a strong bond with other people. How do you create that bond? Show your feelings repeatedly with your eyes, mouth, hands, and heart (Yoshimoto-sensei, Kazoku Game Eps. 10). DO something positive with consent, though it’s only a simple thing. No need to shout “I LOVE YOU!” from the cliff or give a big rose bouquet and chocolate. It’s dangerous and money-consuming. Being romantic and being in love is a different thing.
Love is when your body produces endorphin instead of dopamine, produces oxytocine instead of adrenaline. You can lie with your mouth, but your body can’t.

Happy 23th Wedding Anniversary for Mom and Dad! Keep sailing forever!
Sometimes you two are annoying but yeah, i can tolerate it hahahaha.
Because Dad is so unromantic while Mom is so carefree, I’ll give you no-love love song. Enjoy!


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