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I like to sing. Really like to sing. My mom said that I like to sing alone and make my own lyrics when I was a kid. I can't count how many songs that I've memorized hahahaha. I still remember the songs from kindergarten and elementary school days. I like to sing but I don't have a chance to join any choir club. First, no choir club in my elementary school. Second, I'm not too interested in singing in group at junior high days. Third, I took an acceleration class in high school so I don't have time to join many club activities. And finally, I used my last chance to join choir club in college. I always think that I won't have time to join choir club after finishing my study. Joining a choir club in my faculty is one of my decision that I never regret.

I like to sing but I just had the courage to record and share it since May last year. I got some praises from my friends for having a good voice but I just took it lightly. Then thanks to Arashi *slow claps*. I was falling for Arashi - more and more at that time. Then I saw my 3 friends on fb made arashi covers on soundcloud. "Sounds interesting. Maybe I can try it." And that was the first time that I recorded my singing voice. And? I was shocked hahahaha. Someone said that your own voice that you hear yourself is different with your recorded voice. But I never expected that BIG difference XD Okay. Recording problem was done. Next, sharing problem. I'm too embarrassed to share my own voice. But then I forced myself to advertise it on an arashi fanbase group in FB. I got a lot of positive response and I felt so happy with it. And yeah, now I like to make song covers, especially Arashi. Ohno said that he paints and makes clay as a stress relieving activity. I use song covering with the same reason.

These are my first and the latest song cover that I made. Enjoy!

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